Guide your customers from home to their table at your restaurant without human intervention


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Simple. Easy. Fast.

No more wasting time manually managing waitlists and collecting phone numbers.

Enhance your customer's experience with touchless automation.

And spend your valuable time turning more tables.

SoSafe is designed and built for




Why use SoSafe in your restaurant?

Automate some of your most labour intensive tasks

Automated waitlist management from door to table

Simple registration system out front or at the table

Community page so your customers know the wait times across your community

Focus your resources on the relationship with your customer

Provide Express check in for your regulars

Successful registration results in a digital menu

Access to touchless options to request the bill and a manager

And safety is still first

Registration logs entry and exit times

Verified contact number in case of an event

Touchless and safe

Easy to set up, fast, and secure. 

The information collected at your establishment is secure and easy to access if necessary.

Best of all, you don't have to manage the data.

That means more time to serve happy customers.

For restaurants, bars, and cafes

- Your customer can join your waitlist from a community from home or on the fly.

- They register on SoSafe's secure website

- Their contact number is verified via text

- And you guide them to their table from an easy to use dashboard

All Done!

SoSafe will automatically associate check in and out times with the verified number

Added Value Features:

- Community page with level of occupancy in real time

- You can tag your customers on your digital dashboard to identify VIPs and regulars

- A digital menu is provided with verified confirmation

- Customers can request service, a bill and a manager from their phone

- They can provide feedback immediately following their visit

- Customers can be notified if they forgot something at the table.

The future is bright